I'm Calling It Art

from by Ghost Peeps

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Originally on the album, "Jesus Porky"


Unemployed and looking for a job,
A friend hooked me up at the MOMA gift shop.
When not selling shirts and Sickert mugs,
I'd walk through the galleries.

I was diggin' Dali. He was one cool cat.
And William De Koonig, yeah, that's where it's at!
I even like Monet and Gauguin and all that.
They're all so groovy!!

Sittin' on a toilet in a Merz designed bathroom,
I looked down and saw what I made.
Such composition! It's dada, not doo-doo.
Oh man, I'm gonna be great!

Because I made some shit and I'm calling it art.
I don't see how it's different from the work of Jean Arp.
You may think it's crap, well yeah, yeah it is
But it's shit and I'm calling it art.

I asked the MOMA manager if I could put it up
And told the janitor to please not to flush.
The manager agreed and put it by Larionov.
I guess it kinda fits in.

Feeling happy, perhaps overjoyed,
Playing in the shop with John Heartfield toys.
I felt the urge and said "Oh boy!"
I gotta do it again!!

On the fourth floor, in the Brisley designed bathroom, Chillin' with a zine all about Ernst,
I looked in the water and saw my poo.
Genius kinda hurt but it was better than the first!!


Well Reinhardt and Renoir got nothing on me
But now I'm starting to think just what could I do,
Just what could I do,
Just what could I do with my pee.



from A Big Ol' Box of Ghost Peeps, released June 1, 2012


all rights reserved



Ghost Peeps San Francisco, California

Some say that it was the work of the devil. A duo that should never have seen the light of day. Some even deny the very existence of this band, or having ever seen them live. But, alas, it once was. They did exist and it was something.

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