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Originally on the album, "Jesus Porky"


He's got a car and he hates that fact.
And he can talk. He's also mad about that.
He wants to be like all the other eggplants
Cuz he believes that he gets a bad rap.

He fell into the river and became a human
Too big to sit in the garden
And Farmer Roscoe made him his right hand man

And how does it feel to be like that?
And how does it feel to be part plant?
An Eggplant, An Eggplant, An Eggplant, An Eggplant, An Eggplant, An Eggplant
An Eggplant Man

He hates the girl that fell in love with him
Cuz she can move and has non-purple skin
Forced to uproot and pick his kin
So Miss Annette can cook Roscoe's din.

He happened to win the lottery.
Has money fame and friends
Has everything a man could want
But still he waits for the end.


He jumped back in the river and drowned his human form
As Farmer Roscoe yelled "Jesus Christ",
An eggplant was reborn.

(Chorus with extended eggplant chanting)


from A Big Ol' Box of Ghost Peeps, released June 1, 2012


all rights reserved



Ghost Peeps San Francisco, California

Some say that it was the work of the devil. A duo that should never have seen the light of day. Some even deny the very existence of this band, or having ever seen them live. But, alas, it once was. They did exist and it was something.

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