Billy Buff​-​Arms

from by Ghost Peeps



Originally on the album, "Jesus Porky"


Well Billy Bubble never meant no trouble
And went through life in fear.
All the kids teased Billy, told 'em he was silly.
He had no equal peers.

Billy Bubble was small, not very tall until one fateful day.
Billy had enough, he wanted to be rough so he got on his knees and prayed.

"Oh please Lord make me big
So all the other kids will think I'm better than them.
They'll look up and see big ol' me.
Please Lord Almighty, Amen"

When Billy woke up, he was surprised.
He couldn't believe what he saw in his eyes.
His arms had grown to enormous size.
God had awarded him the ultimate prize.
Cuz now the kids called out, they said:

Hey Billy Buff Arms!
You're knockin' down walls. You're now a pro at dodgeball.
Hey Billy Buff Arms!
Oh man you're scary.
You're arms are even hairy!
Billy now ruled all in the third grade.

No one made fun of Billy anymore for fear of getting slapped
By the little third graders enormous arms and that made Billy laugh.

But soon our hero noticed somethin' bad.
The kids had stopped talkin' to him.
If they said the wrong thing they might end up dead
So they didn't dare go out on that limb.

Well Billy felt lonely, a little bit phony
At the kids reaction to him.
He just wanted some friends to think he was the man. For once Billy wanted to win.

So now Billy was alone.
Weekend nights spent at home.
The consequences had shown.
Billy felt his wish had blown.
Cuz now the kids called out, they said:

Hey Billy Buff Arms!
Oh man you're funny.
Uh here's my lunch money.
Hey Billy Buff Arms!
Of course I'm not scared,
I'll just stand over there.
Billy now is worse off than before.

So learn from Billy's mistakes kids.
In life there are prices to pay.
But cheer up, look at the kids makin' fun of you.
You'll probably be their boss one day.


from A Big Ol' Box of Ghost Peeps, released June 1, 2012


all rights reserved



Ghost Peeps San Francisco, California

Some say that it was the work of the devil. A duo that should never have seen the light of day. Some even deny the very existence of this band, or having ever seen them live. But, alas, it once was. They did exist and it was something.

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