A Big Ol' Box of Ghost Peeps

by Ghost Peeps

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Box set of the entire Ghost Peeps discography all for only a disgustingly cheap $10!!!

• Two Brand New Songs "Words On The Fridge" and "Ariel's Little Piece of Destiny"

• "Peeps For Sale" album 2005 lo-fi punk pop goodness!

• "I Like It Ruff" single with Lil Kim cover B-Side!

• "Jesus Porky" big budget produced 2006 2nd album!!

• "Now Using Only Western Tonality" Single, B-Side, & Rarity Collection from 2007

• "What Makes A Man" 2009 EP

And a even few unreleased secret tracks for good measure!!!

YOU'RE GETTING EVERYTHING! 50 songs for $10! Talk about selling out!


released June 1, 2012


all rights reserved



Ghost Peeps San Francisco, California

Some say that it was the work of the devil. A duo that should never have seen the light of day. Some even deny the very existence of this band, or having ever seen them live. But, alas, it once was. They did exist and it was something.

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Track Name: Words On The Fridge
Enormous meat leg raw beneath the mother
Purple iron is incubating in.
Worship the finger butt goddess tongue you envision.

Use less winter but blue spring is a drunk
And I like him but he will never like me
Live TV rose to smear but watch his blood
Love to see breast symphony.

These one day all light chain time and life falls away
Soar behind hair scare.
Shake your head mean whisper of a dream.
Of a dream

Though my smell is not always gorgeous,
Above rusting, stop avoiding the sausage.
Ignore the mad puppy summer flood and elaborate about crying.

My diamond smooth cool knife moaning together
With an urge to lick and lather.
The sweaty moment hit still like sun through black forest's luscious chant.


Is her club size a thousand pound shadow?
Please a friend in the blow garden meadow.
Track Name: Ariel's Little Piece Of Destiny
Well it happened one day Ariel did say "I think I wanna go to Europe."
So she packed up her things, sold what she didn't bring, called the airline to set up her trip.
And then she said "Get Lost!" to her sleazebag boss and toodle-loo to all of her friends.
Hit like a punch in the gut, they all thought she was nuts or at least she was just playing.
But this was no joke.
She said it's a part of me. A little piece of destiny.

Well there was any room for her to breathe. She was stuck in the trunk of a car.
But then her parents let her out when she started to shout and they knew that they had gone too far.
And she said "Sorry Mom & Dad. I know that you're sad but there's something that I just have to do."
And they said "Baby we know but why'd you have to go. What the hells the matter with you?"
See this was no joke.
She said it's a part of me. A little piece of destiny.

(Ariel's Itinerary)
France, Greece, the Czech Republic, the UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland.

Well people were shocked and stunned when she left, stratching heads and asking why & how.
Well she said "Dry up those tears and I'll back in 5 years." Well I guess I can't ask her out now.
Because she's out having fun in Paris, Rome, and London. Changed her life to hear a different accent.
And though they're happy for her, her old roommates concur someone's gonna have to cover her rent.
Cuz this was no joke.
She said it's a part of me. A little piece of destiny.
Track Name: John Ritter
Joyce Dewitt
What up with that shit?
You only had one single hit
And now you wanna say goodbye to the man
Who gave you fans

John Ritter
Why'd you have to go?
John Ritter
At least we have your shows
Come on, knock on his door
God's waitin' for you
John Ritter
We'll never fill your shoes.

Norman Fell
Come on what the hell!
You're lookin' at the camera
You're leavin' Don Knotts
And have you forgot about the gent
Who pays your rent

(Repeat Chorus)

I got eight simple rules
For all of you fools:
1) Go rent "Problem Child"
2) "Stephen King's It"
3) "Smokey Mountain Christmas"
4) "Tricks Of The Trade"
5) Don't forget "Sling Blade"
6) "In Love With An Older Woman"
7) "They All Laughed"
8) "Stay Tuned":

(Repeat Chorus x 2)
Track Name: Bad Dreams
It's dark as a lark's fair feathers
I can't see a thing at all
And the lights turn on bright all together
And I'm standing naked in a concert hall


Bad Dreams
They make me scream. They make me fear my sleep.
Bad Dreams
I don't want them. Don't want to count no sheep.
I gotta read or watch t.v., anything that'll keep me busy
Bad Dreams
I don't want them at all.

I'm runnin' while someone's gunnin' in a car
I think they want me dead
As tires go schreechin' behind me not far
Skid marks both in my pants and my head

But what could be next, I'm having sex.
This has gotta be grand
But I find not after long that it's with my mom
And filmin' in the corner is my dad


I close my eyes and to my surprise
A man hammers my feet to the ground
As chickens dance, they pull down my pants
And they rape me without making a sound.

But at least it's just a dream, it's not what it seems
None of it's real and that's great
Except I never did wake up. In fact, I went to sleep
I guess that last one wasn't a fake.

Track Name: Familiar Liaisons
Familiar Liasions, Familiar Liasions
Familiar Liasions, Familiar Liasions

Late at night and all alone
Draw the blinds and unplug the phone
Got the issue in the mail today
Time to put all of my morals at bay

Nice clean plastic wrap
But let's face the facts
The contents are dirty!
Grab the tissue box
The girl is a fox
And she's under 30!

Lean back in my chair
As all my hormones flair
Flip through unto the fold
Just then all of my blood runs cold

Her face caught my eye
Heart skips in surprise
I can't....I can't comprehend!
Can't believe what I see
Oh man how can it be?
The centerfold's my girlfriend!

She said she had to look good for school photo day
But I guess they don't have that in college anyway
Never asked why she needed her negligee
Thought it okay.
But I guess I was wrong.

Emotions all in quarrel
Could this be immoral?
Should I be mad?
Oh man, she looks hot
I like the photo spread a lot
Should I be glad?

Track Name: Front Man
There are too many cooks in the kitchen
There's too many braves in the tribe
Everyone needs to shut up and look up
At me as I take the mic

Being so great isn't easy
But somehow I manage with pride
So give thanks as you ride this one
In shotgun
As I take you along on this musical stride

So what if I'm an asshole
So what if I'm a jerk
You still have to listen to me
To make this music thing work.

Cus I'm the Front Man of the Band!
I understand my power.
That's me.
I'm the Front Man, yeah!

So what if I only write lyrics
So what if I can't play guitar
Maybe my voice ain't the greatest
But I made it
At least this far.

So bow down before me.
I'm the Lord of the stage.
You will sacrifice yourself to me
As long as you're of age.

Track Name: Open The Door
His name was Steven Stickler Stickboy Sanchez.
He had six kids and was addicted to grape pez.
Rode around in small cars sportin' a red fez
But then his wife left him to become lez.

Poor Steven he's a heathen, always breathin' gas fumes.
Poor Steven isn't driven for livin'. He's all gloom.

Sits around with six packs and thinks of her.
Thinks she left because of him but he isn't too sure.
Now his life seems a little less pure.
Won't somebody please tell Steven what is the cure?

Poor Steven, he's a fiendin', always needin' somethin' to bloom.
If you're drivin' for livin' then you're missin', you gotta change your tune.

Open the Door
Open the Door
Open the Door
Open the Door

(Repeat in various foriegn languages of your choosing or national origin.)
Track Name: Zombie Sex
It's six a.m. again
And you're dead again
But I'll still be your man
As you drift into the Afterland.

But I gotta go to work right now
Feel free to watch some T.V.
Just spend some time in the freezer baby
So you don't get too stinky

Well she may be a little messy
Never says anything profound.
But I gotta tell you one thing my friend
The best women are found
Under the ground!

I'm comin' while you're goin' baby!

Don't look at me like I am weird
Dead people scare me, I'm confronting my fears


(Repeat chorus in a slower fashion)
Track Name: Film Student Manifesto
They had a ship. That was it
But they're fighting for their land
High adventerous seas, oh what glee
All these soldiers had.

But oh what's this? The iron fist
Was felt from up above
The captain said the meat was fine
But that proved the last time.
The crew was tired of being shoved.

Rise above! Rise above!
The battle.
Come together! Come together!
The batttleship.
Now is the time to act. Time to take the ship back!

So I sit in class, numbing my ass.
This movie I've seen five times.
I know of it's importance but that is not important.
"Odessa Steps" make me whine.

Every critic states that do not hesitate
If you want to make movies, you must love this film!
Eisenstein has no successor so sayeth our professor
As we clench our fist and take to the helm.

Rise above! Rise above!
The class.
Come together! Come together!
The classroom.
Now is the time to act. Call Eisenstein a hack!!
Track Name: Another Depressing Christmas Song
Stabbing's too slow and I didn't have any rope
And there's too much time for thinkin' when jumpin'
So I made my wish, hoping I'd find this:
A loaded gun in my stocking.

Santa put a gun in my stocking
I got what I asked for.
And I proceeded to blow my brains out.
I got what I asked for.

Thank you Santa.
Thanks for numbing the pain this holiday.
Thank you Santa.
Thank you Santa.
Thanks for letting me go away.

What better way to spend Christmas day than dead.
Just shut up and shoot up all those voices in my head.

Track Name: I Like It Ruff
I wanna be your dog baby.

I wanna be your dog.
Nametag reads Rex. Teach me to fetch.
I wanna be your dog.
I wanna be your dog.
I wanna be your dog.

I'll eat my own poo if you want me to,
Wanna be your dog.

Give me my worm medication
Leave me home while on vacation
In the caring hands of the kid who lives next door.

Wanna be your dog
And drag my ass on the rug and eat ladybugs
I wanna be your dog
I wanna be your dog
I wanna be your dog

I'll eat my own poo if you want me to,
Wanna be your dog.

So a little scratch behind my ear
Is all I'm asking from you dear
And I promise never to lick myself in public again
Track Name: I Don't Want Dick Tonight
I knew a dude named Jimmy, used to run up in me.
Night time pissy drunk off the henney & rimmy.
I didn't mind when he fucked me from behind. It felt fine.
Especially when he used to grind it.
He was a trick when I sucked his dick.
Used to pass me bricks, credit cards, & shit.
Every night I'd suck him to sleep.
Then I'd take the keys to the jeep.
Then this horny Jimmy, he's screaming "Gimme"
Lay me on my back, bustin' nuts all in me
After 10 times we fucked, I think I bust twice
He was nice, kept my neck filled with ice.
Cold suckin' his dick, rockin' the mic
Something about him that I couldn't stand
Something that made his ass a real man
Something I wanted but I was never pushy.
The motherfucker never ate my pussy

I don't want dick tonight.
Eat my pussy right.
I don't want dick, I don't want dick, I don't want dick, I wan't dick.
Lil' Kim, Lil' Kim, give it to me NOW!

Had a weedspot, used to pump African Black.
He'd used to seal his bag so his workers wouldn't cap.
I'd see him in the tunnel at dawn. Whisper in my ear -
He wanna get his fuck on!
I dug him so I fucked him. He wanted me to suck him
But I didn't. I ain't frontin'.
The sex was whack. A four stroke creep.
I jumped on his dick. Rode his ass to sleep.
Now he's callin' me, askin' why I ain't beep him.
I thought your ass was still sleepin'.
Could he come over right fast and fuck my pretty ass, I'll pass.
Nigger, the dick was trash.
The only way you seeing me is if you eating me
Downtown my love like Horace Brown
Trying to impress me with your five g' stones
I'll give you ten g's nigger if you leave me alone.


The moral of the story is this:
You ain't licking this. You ain't stickin' this.
And I got witnesses, ask any nigger I've been with.
Me and my girls, we rock worlds. Some big niggers,
Fuck for car keys & double digits figures.
Good dick I cherish. I'm gonna be blunt.
I treat it like it's precious. I ain't gonna front.
For limp dick niggers, they frontin' like their willy
Suck my pussy till you kill me, you feel me?

Track Name: Ghost Peeps Theme
Open up your ears and listen to the beat
And you'll hear the sound of pattering feet
Comin' after you cuz you acted like a fool
And fucked with the cats known as Ghost Peeps
Now here comes trouble under a sheet
You're screaming, waving arms hoping to meet
Two sex machines so get on your knees
And bow before the mighty Ghost Peeps

We eat MC's for dinner (Oh!!)
We make your momma cry (Ohh!!!)
You better not stop to the winners (Ohhh!!!)
Cuz we'll bust your head and you'll end up dead.
We'll resurrect you & kill you (Whoa!!!)

So you think we talk shit with the words we spit
And we can't live up to the hype
Well I'll drop the mic, let my feet do the talking
And bust through the stereotype.

What now dummy, got nothing to say
A little speechless well that's ok
Cuz you're cruisin' for a bruisin' and Ghost Peeps be boozin'
All across the USA.
Track Name: Eggplant Man
He's got a car and he hates that fact.
And he can talk. He's also mad about that.
He wants to be like all the other eggplants
Cuz he believes that he gets a bad rap.

He fell into the river and became a human
Too big to sit in the garden
And Farmer Roscoe made him his right hand man

And how does it feel to be like that?
And how does it feel to be part plant?
An Eggplant, An Eggplant, An Eggplant, An Eggplant, An Eggplant, An Eggplant
An Eggplant Man

He hates the girl that fell in love with him
Cuz she can move and has non-purple skin
Forced to uproot and pick his kin
So Miss Annette can cook Roscoe's din.

He happened to win the lottery.
Has money fame and friends
Has everything a man could want
But still he waits for the end.


He jumped back in the river and drowned his human form
As Farmer Roscoe yelled "Jesus Christ",
An eggplant was reborn.

(Chorus with extended eggplant chanting)
Track Name: Femme Fatal
I'm watching your every move
From across the crowded room
Beautiful in every way
It's a shame that it's your day

Hired by the Feds and the CIA
Said to take you out in any possible way
But your eyes take me to another realm
Make me forget about that microfilm.

But baby it's your turn, I got a job to do
A lesson you gotta learn. Send a message to your Moscow crew.

Baby don't hate me. Business is what it be.
But it's hard for me. Hard to me to see.
How I won't be able to feel. Baby this is real.
How bout we make a deal?
How bout you never steal?
Let me treat you to meal?
Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh
Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh

So now we're at dinner.
You told me you were clean.
You're still alive. We're both winners.
Now together we will live in glee.

Our eyes meet over the candlelight
We sip our wine romantic-like.
I spill the glass and feel the fool
But then I notice the residue.

The drink was spiked. Our eyes met in fright.
But only mine contained the fear for I know now what you did my dear.

She said:

I start to convulse. I lose my pulse.
My mouth starts to foam. I am alone
As out the door you flew.
My eyes roll back. My spinal cord snaps.
As I have cardiac arrest, I use my final breath
To say that I love you.
Track Name: Don't Touch Me There
Furry cuffs. Kinky stuff. Call my bluff. As I cry.
Wooden beam. Make me scream. Don't be shy. Don't be shy.

Freeze me, tease me, tie me up! That's right I said to spank my butt
Come on and use your power. I paid you for an hour.
Now gimme that golden shower.

Don't Touch Me There (No!!!)
Bad Touch, Bad Touch (No, No, No!!!)
That's my private space. Just stick to hittin' me in the face.
And Don't Touch Me There.

Nipple clamps, needle pants, do a dance on my spleen
spinal tap, crack a bat on my knees, on my knees
Beat me, give me an uppercut, that's it, now tape my mouth shut.
Make me drink as you perspire and call me a dirty liar.
Set my armpit hair on fire.

Track Name: Plexiglass Cucumber
The front man gave you the eyes to see
While you weep for the cries of the loneliest peep
But you cry out for me from the duo who bore
The answers to which you seek.

Hear the buff arms speak because he's me
Vic Damone is hidden under cotton sheets
While the man in the back is cryin' for more,
The two piece sits and wishes for four.

Felines are set to be dug into lore.
Opportunity lies inside the Apple Store.

It's the song to look into.
One to sell the previous year.
Or at least to grab attention.
To direct ourselves into your ears.
For it worked for John and Paul, the same is what we ask.
To fame we will not crawl. We'll run...
Under the genius mask.

So Don Knotts continues to confuse the lot.
Are we to laugh at the Stocktoner who was shot?
And I know that "Bad Touch" left you disgusted and such
But maybe it comes with the existence of pot.

With bad dreams, how do you sleep?
I don't believe in butter or Ghost Peeps.

Track Name: Retail
I'll talk to you though I don't really want to
And I'm not sure you do as well
I can tell.

I can't make a sale. I can't make.
I can't make a sale.. I can't make.
I tried & I failed I can't make a sale.
I tried & I failed retail.

Mom said don't talk to strangers
Mom, I lost my job today. I couldn't talk my way through
All the eight steps. I'm no sales rep.
I'm through.
Track Name: The Ghost Peeps Love Song
I'll give you my heart. All you need to take
Is a few on my traits I consider mistakes
And I'm not sure in your book exactly where I rate
But to me I'd like you to be my mate.

Sorry, I met that bit to be romantic.
When you're around me, I grow to be so frantic.
You put my heart in a state of panic.
I want our love to be just like the Titanic, yeahh!!

I don't mean the fact that the ship sank.
I meant it like our love is large and great.
See what happens when I try to be frank.
Guess I'll make this a little bit more quaint and say...

I love you baby
There exists no maybes or and's, if's, or but's.
It's easier to say, lay it out that way.
So let me say it again.
I love you baby
There exists no maybes or and's, if's, or but's.
It's easier to say, lay it out that way.
That's how I wanted this to begin.
Oh yeahh!!

I'll do the dishes. You do finances.
And one day we'll live in a really clean mansion.
Nothing will change from our high school dances.
You make me want to do skips and prances.

Oh crap!! I think I did it again.
Don't get the wrong idea, well I'm still a man!
Even though I'm not a Chevy or a football fan,
At least I can wield a mean frying pan, yeahh!!

Oh you know that didn't sound right
We're not as different as day and night
We'll always have love and stay really tight.
I think I'm done putting up this fight so I'll say...

Track Name: Billy Buff-Arms
Well Billy Bubble never meant no trouble
And went through life in fear.
All the kids teased Billy, told 'em he was silly.
He had no equal peers.

Billy Bubble was small, not very tall until one fateful day.
Billy had enough, he wanted to be rough so he got on his knees and prayed.

"Oh please Lord make me big
So all the other kids will think I'm better than them.
They'll look up and see big ol' me.
Please Lord Almighty, Amen"

When Billy woke up, he was surprised.
He couldn't believe what he saw in his eyes.
His arms had grown to enormous size.
God had awarded him the ultimate prize.
Cuz now the kids called out, they said:

Hey Billy Buff Arms!
You're knockin' down walls. You're now a pro at dodgeball.
Hey Billy Buff Arms!
Oh man you're scary.
You're arms are even hairy!
Billy now ruled all in the third grade.

No one made fun of Billy anymore for fear of getting slapped
By the little third graders enormous arms and that made Billy laugh.

But soon our hero noticed somethin' bad.
The kids had stopped talkin' to him.
If they said the wrong thing they might end up dead
So they didn't dare go out on that limb.

Well Billy felt lonely, a little bit phony
At the kids reaction to him.
He just wanted some friends to think he was the man. For once Billy wanted to win.

So now Billy was alone.
Weekend nights spent at home.
The consequences had shown.
Billy felt his wish had blown.
Cuz now the kids called out, they said:

Hey Billy Buff Arms!
Oh man you're funny.
Uh here's my lunch money.
Hey Billy Buff Arms!
Of course I'm not scared,
I'll just stand over there.
Billy now is worse off than before.

So learn from Billy's mistakes kids.
In life there are prices to pay.
But cheer up, look at the kids makin' fun of you.
You'll probably be their boss one day.
Track Name: The Modern Woman & Me
No one understands me until some reflection.
In a black and white world, I see green apple and taste it too.
It came to me on some flaming poo.
And that's how the band got started and that's how I met you.

I say fuck more than I do it.
I always work better by myself.
No wonder I'm not gettin' none.
No wonder I'm not gettin' some.
Sophistication is just in-jokes.
It's the Audium with the lights on.
You're awful funny aren't ya?
You're sayin' words that aren't really words.
Isn't that absurd?
That I knew you'd rhyme words with absurd?

Women they have changed!
They want a man, part sensitive and rage.
No wonder I'm not gettin' none.
No wonder I'm not getting some.
Patriarchal Universe.
Suppressed Female Sexual Desire.
If one expresses it, then they are evil and they must be stopped.
That's the ideology,
The psychology,
The beast in me
That's really gas.

(I am a pulsing sex time bomb)

Do you want to dance?
No I don't want to dance.

I say fuck more than I do it.
I always work better by myself.
No wonder I'm not gettin' none.
No wonder I'm not gettin' some.
Women they have changed!
They want a man, part sensitive and rage.
No wonder I'm not gettin' none.
No wonder I'm not gettin' some.
No wonder bread for me my friend,
No wonder I'm so dumb.
No wonder I'm not gettin' none.
No wonder I'm not gettin' some.

No one understands me until some reflection.
In a black and white world, I see green apple and taste it too.
It came to me on some flaming poo.
And that's how the band got started and that's how I met you.

Track Name: Images
Flyby, wizby, a dragonfly.
I said goodbye to you as you left my room.
Fishbait, applecrate, a dinnerplate,
Anticipate that your return will be soon.

Coffee mug, banana slug, whisky tug,
You gave a shrug when I asked what you felt of me.
Yellow cat, whiffle bat, down you sat to say you're sorry and that your leaving.

As the symbols fly by,
In my life, they all pry.
Random images to me give a look into what we were.
But you never looked back
And I'm forced to face the fact
That these images are gonna stay.
For this there is no cure.

Sundress, treasure chest, room's a mess,
I confess that I'll beg for you to come back.
Knee socks, colored rocks, classic Bach,
At least we talk but there's still something we lack.

Street lamp, side cramp, old tramp,
It's time to stamp out exactly what we had.
Dead trees, hoppity fleas, honey bees
But these pictures won't pass like a fad.

Track Name: Ghetto Chateau
I see a dead tree.
Just something for the doggies.
Keisha drives her Hyundai.
She hates it when it's foggy.

Gina, 18, buys food her kid.
Her boyfriend quit.
Everything's 99 cents.
And Zack attempts to fix a dent.
The garage and the lawn the same.
Dad sells cocaine, starts a chain.

They talk about a sad land.
The tractors plough and the pickers pick.
They don't speak much English.
A hopeful wish that their kids will be the President.

Some run stores.
Some get robbed.
Some move.
Some love.
Some stay forever.
Some get shot.
Some work.
Some not.

Rain falls on a flat roof.
The Seventies are still newer.
Go to the taco truck booth.
Burritos replace manure.
I don't know how it got this way.
The channels change.
Put on some DMX or some artist that talks about sex.
Maybe I exaggerate.
Life wasn't great but it's home.

They talk about a poor world
Where little girls grow up to be little or nothing,
The walkers in the mall.
The rise and fall of the town that was the Delta Queen.
Track Name: Jung's Quote
Whoa!! Jung's Quote.

I'm like a Ringo who can't play the drums minus creativity. I've only got glum. But if it's ok dear, I'll stay right here for misery only helps write the best of songs.


I'm like a Paul without the drive. Short-fused ambition since the age of five. I'll pick up one thing like trying to sing but then I go and move onto something new. Is this song just a little too reflective for you?


I'm like a George but with a teetering faith. A feeling like sometimes I've been left in the shade. I may not practice or play, bow down, or meditate but I hope that someone just wants me to live my life. Please no applause cus' I'm not sure if I'm quite right.


Why can't I be John and stand up to the world? Leave something behind worthy of murals. But maybe one day I will. This life is racking up a bill. About time for a payoff and a little love. Who knows maybe this will be my own Cavern Club.
Track Name: I'm Calling It Art
Unemployed and looking for a job,
A friend hooked me up at the MOMA gift shop.
When not selling shirts and Sickert mugs,
I'd walk through the galleries.

I was diggin' Dali. He was one cool cat.
And William De Koonig, yeah, that's where it's at!
I even like Monet and Gauguin and all that.
They're all so groovy!!

Sittin' on a toilet in a Merz designed bathroom,
I looked down and saw what I made.
Such composition! It's dada, not doo-doo.
Oh man, I'm gonna be great!

Because I made some shit and I'm calling it art.
I don't see how it's different from the work of Jean Arp.
You may think it's crap, well yeah, yeah it is
But it's shit and I'm calling it art.

I asked the MOMA manager if I could put it up
And told the janitor to please not to flush.
The manager agreed and put it by Larionov.
I guess it kinda fits in.

Feeling happy, perhaps overjoyed,
Playing in the shop with John Heartfield toys.
I felt the urge and said "Oh boy!"
I gotta do it again!!

On the fourth floor, in the Brisley designed bathroom, Chillin' with a zine all about Ernst,
I looked in the water and saw my poo.
Genius kinda hurt but it was better than the first!!


Well Reinhardt and Renoir got nothing on me
But now I'm starting to think just what could I do,
Just what could I do,
Just what could I do with my pee.

Track Name: A Gunslinger's Woe
Rode into town late one night.
The only shine was from the moon.
Our eyes cut sharp for any old fight
As we strolled on towards the saloon.
We got down off our steeds, ready to bleed,
As we kicked thru the bat wing doors.
Shooters ready and cocked for we knew theirs would not
Guns blazing on thieves and whores.
But we spared the musician, one of our traditions.
With them we all split our keep.
The piano man gave us grace as a tear streamed his face.
He said "You must be Ghost Peeps!"

'Cus we're a rootin' tootin' twosome who used to be three.
Used to have a drummer but he disagreed.
Caught one between the eyes cus he decided to speak his mind.
Ghost Peeps is who we be!

From a handle of bourbon from behind the bar
For the 'tender caught one in the heart.
Poured the remains in an old dirty jar
As "V" played his guitar like a harp.
The piano man hit the keys as there blew a dry breeze.
The only sound in town this song.
Never expected an applause, we were for another cause
As the dead night continued on.
Must of looked very strange to anyone on the range.
One lone saloon light in the dark.
But as the desert stayed cold, inside we were bold
As played to our victims like sharks.


And as the sun rose, we mounted and rode.
The town fading away in the past.
Again we readied our eyes for another town to demise.
And I guarantee it won't be our last.
Track Name: Audium
Don't You Hear?
Don't You See?
Track Name: Bunnies
Bunnies, Bunnies

I find the bunnies happy.
I find them sad.
I find their fur real funny.
I find them mad.

Don't be mad little bunny.
Look up, it's sunny!
The clouds have all gone away.

Here little bunny, take a carrot.
Hey! Don't take it all.
Hey little bunny, wanna go and share it
Come on, let's go to the mall

Hey little bunny, don't spend my money!
That isn't your size!
Hey bunny, that's funny
To my own eyes

Let's run through the flowers
Let's go get some drugs
Bunny, my love.
Track Name: Cats In Jeeps
Sittin' in my hatchback, drinkin' a vanilla shake
Lookin' in my rear view mirror and do a double take
Comin' up behind me fast...
"Is that, is that cats?"
"Why yes Johnny, I do believe it is."
Oh ok."

Cats In Jeeps
Takin' Over The Streets
Cats In Jeeps
Bumpin' Ghost Peeps
Ahhh, Fo' Sheezy

Tabby at the wheel, Siamese at the clutch
As long as they obey the stop signs, they don't bother me much.
Lookin' cute in the seat...
Hey, he just cut me off!
They must be stopped
Yes I know, but how?

Cats In Jeeps
Terriozin' the streets
Hey, he just hit that guy!
Cats In Jeeps
Bumpin' Ghost Peeps
Oh my god, get the kids inside.


Cats In Jeeps
Takin' Over The Streets
Cats In Jeeps
Bumpin' Ghost Peeps
Ahhh, Fo' Sheezy
Track Name: Tattooed Tina
It all started with a daisy
On her upper right arm
She just turned eighteen and thought
What could be the harm
So she told the tattoo artist
"That's the one I want.
One large enough to show,
But not large enough to flaunt."

But then something inside
Started to brew
She found she had discovered
Something exciting and new

My girlfriend's got a lot, got a lot of tattoos.

1st was the flower then
Came a yellow sun
Some fluffy white clouds
Yeah, she was really havin' fun.
But then I started gettin' scared
When she added little trees
And was really freaked out when she
Then added me.

Now it's been a few years and
She's out of control
Her obsession has grown.
It's swallowed her whole

My girlfriend's got a lot, got a lot of tattoos.

She covered up the fluffy clouds
And the bright blue sky
Added spiderwebs on her elbows
And tear drops on her eye.

Flying human skull
Takes up her whole calf
Japanese characters
Cover her lower left half
Tattoo on her butt
Is for my personal show
Which is good cus' it reads
"This here's a two way road"

She has a sort of swastika between her eyes
But she says it's just an indian sign
So I guess I'm still proud
To call that girl mine.

My girlfriend's got a lot, got a lot of tattoos.
Track Name: Myspace Addict
And if I go online, I'll be free-er
You will want to add me.
I don't want to go outside. There is nothing.
No new pics to see.

If you want me to talk to you, then you have to be my friend
I refuse to actually know you, but I'll still say that you're my friend

And if you read my blog, I might mention
What I'm listening to.
I'll put a search on you, see what comes up
Or browse for someone new.


Everytime I try to change my Top 8
It never stays the same. Someone always complains.
It makes them feel left out because they're not in my frame
I gotta close the account because really Myspace is lame.

And if I haven't seen you in five years
What makes you think I wanna talk to you
I updated my profile, nice blue background
I added "Batman" to my movie list too.

If you want me to talk to you, then you have to be my friend
We are all just little Mr. Rogers' wanting everyone to be my friend


And if I can't get in, due to maintainance
I will send death threats to Tom.
I've sat here most of the day. No one's talking.
Guess they're really not my bud.
Track Name: We're Not Even Trying Anymore
If I stop and think about my life and how it is
It's darkened rooms, forgotten goals, pilled up bills, and hands of jizz
I've used up all my juice and now I don't have anything else.
I've stolen from the best and then the rest I just repeat myself.

We're not even trying anymore.
I've spent my money all on beer and all that I can think about is trying to score
And even then I'm pushed back out the door

When I wake up, I find a dead man in the sink
I've worn this pair of underwear a week and it don't stink
Who cares if I don't brush my teeth or shower everyday
Even if I looked my best, I'd be ugly anyway


I write all my lyrics once. There is no going back.
Cuz even when I poured my soul, they still called me a hack.
Count me in and sell me out. I need to get some pills
To make the headache go away so I can do my crappy job still

We're not even trying anymore.
I've spent my money all on beer and all that I can think about is trying to score
And even then I can't afford a whore.
Track Name: Familiar Liaisons (Joy Division Cover)
(Well here we go now with one of Britain's international star groups. It's called "Familiar Liasions"- Joy Division)

Familiar Liasions, Familiar Liasions
Familiar Liasions, Familiar Liasions

Late at night and all alone
Draw the blinds and unplug the phone
Got the issue in the mail today
Time to put all of my morals at bay

Nice clean plastic wrap
But let's face the facts
The contents are dirty!
Grab the tissue box
The girl is a fox
And she's under 30!
Track Name: Something To Dance To

Cm7, Bbm7


I got a little song for y' all to hear.
Wanna getcha up off your feet.
It's a crazy little number that don't mean a thang.
All you need is a groovin' beat.
A song like this, you don't need no words.
I'm sick of songs about love and about girls.
Well if you wanna get down, then come to my town
Gotta tune that'll rock your world.

Cm7, Bbm7

Fm7, Ebm7, Dmaj7, Cmaj7


Something to dance to, that's all it is.
I don't even need my hands on the board.
Cuz I make a lot a money just doin' this.
Shakin' booty on the dance floor.
Now please allow me to interrupt myself,
Cuz I really need to get my glasses
Cuz it's all about style, not the music
If you wanna get to the masses.

Cm7, Bbm7

Fm7, Ebm7, Dmaj7, Cmaj7
Track Name: Invincible Vince
Invincible Vince, that is my name.
The one that made me rich. The one that gave me fame.
But Invincible Vince is not really me.
He's simply a device to help boost self esteem

For Invincible Vince can receive no harm,
whether a broken heart or a broken heart
I on the other hand am much more weak,
Skinny & frail and a love sick geek.

Invincible Vince has no time for love
Not when there's evil supernatural forces above.
But Regular Vince, which is to say me,
Needs lots of love and gets hurt easily
While Invincible Vince saves damsels in distress,
Regular Vince stays mostly depressed.
Invincible is confident, courageous, and true
while Regular Vince has trouble tying his shoes.

No wonder Regular Vince never ever gets the girls.
He's cowardly and sheepish and he never saves the world
But Invincible has a weakness as all superheros do.
If their creator dies, then they die too!
Track Name: St. Patrick's Day Freak-Out
You're just a bunch of drunk bastards!
Get out of my face! You make me sick!!
Hey girl, do you want to dance?
You're just a bunch of drunk bastards!!
Track Name: Dancin' On The Bounty
Sailin' on a salty sea in the north of Kathmandu
And all the while with a smile I'm dancing here with you
Shake a leg, scooby-doo, we'll dance the night away
Skip to my lou and go to sleep and we'll hit land by day.

I cannot see why the captain's after me.
He says it's mutiny on the Bounty.
Having some fun never hurt anyone
Especially if we're just dancin' on the Bounty.

Feelin' fine, do a jig. We've made it onto shore.
Move cargo, oh no no. I can't work no more.
Captain Blight, what a sight. Why's your face so red.
"One more hoof and I'll kill you goof". That is what he said.


Now in check and back to sea, he's got me doing chores
But come tonight, it'll be alright. We'll throw Captain overboard.
We'll throw Captain overboard.
We'll throw Captain overboard.
We'll throw Captain overboard.
Track Name: The Coincidence of Sound
A most unfortunate circumstance happened to Susan when she was on a date. It seemed the air that she had swallowed earlier had been absorbed by her body. That air combined with other things to cause cause carbon dioxide which had led to a little *raspberry*. And at that very same moment, at another table across the way, Kate found what appeared to be a human eyeball in her salad which led to a very loud *AAGHH!!* Kate's scream had coincided at exactly the same point as Susan's whizz which was rather fortunate for surely Susan's date, upon hearing her gasp of air, would have lead to revoltion which lead to her date ditching her when he said he wanted to wash his hands in the bathroom. This is the coincidence of sound - one sound drowning out another sound unbeknownst to each other to radically alter peoples lives. And with the fart noise clearly inaudible, Susan's date could go as planned or so she had hoped but unfortunately, the coincidence of smell did not occur at the same time as her gastro letout. The smell had caused revoltion which lead to her date ditching her when he said he wanted to wash his hands in the bathroom. Susan was left alone and forced to pay the bill and was unfairly arrested for killing the cook and putting his eye in Kate's salad.
Track Name: What Makes A Man
It started with a fork down on the ground
No one else saw it around the town
Sat there for years
No one seemed to care
About that dirty fork down on the ground

After 20 years it had enough
Silver dirty folk - it got up
Took off down the street
Stabbin' all the feet
Forgotten dirty fork was no cream puff

But inside dirty fork's mind, it's ok
He's allowed to do what he wants today
Dirty fork's actions were justified
He felt alright on the inside

Marshall law was enacted in the town
Orders were to shoot dirty fork down
Snipper took his aim
Dirty fork yelled his name!
And once again dirty fork fell to the ground

Dirty fork laid starring at the sky
He asked God the deep questions; He asked him why?
Why after a life of laying down,
As soon as you start living, they take you down.
Track Name: Time Is Money Extended Sitcom Mix
If you've fallen in a well, you know I'll be your lassie dog
Just as long as you would do the same for me trapped in a bog
When you're lost in this big world, you know I'll always be there
Look into the north sky or just call my cel phone number.

I will always be around.
I will always be around.
I will always be around.
I will always be around.

If you foolishly get in a scuff, I'll ask if you're ok
I'll sit here and read my book until your pain goes away
If I see you lying on the sidewalk still, I'd join you for a tan
Get browned up and use up all the money we have to get women


When I get this feeling likes it all gone overhead
I give my ears. You'll give your tears exactly like I said
I tell you jokes. I make you laugh. I get the monkey off your back
And you will know there's someone out there who will understand.

When I get this feeling like you need to go unwind
You call me up. I say let's go and we have a great time
We go to bars. We count the stars. We curse and throw coins in a jar
And I know too that I have a friend that I can call mine.

Track Name: The Man On Fire Is Out Of Time
There was a man who was six hundred feet tall
And he liked to hug the sun
But one day he got too close and it burned him
Oh man! That hurt.
And he looked as his hand and he saw no hand
It was just a flame. Just a flamin' flame.
And he thought to himself "Oh what am I gonna do?
I'll punch this cloud and gimme some rain"
But in that cloud was an airplane
And he killed some people and felt ashamed
And he didn't know what to do with himself
He was the man on fire!

He's got to get away!
He's got to get away now!

He's got to get away! Hey!
He's got to get away now!
Track Name: I Dated Jesus Awhile My Junior Year
We met a party at Steve's parents' house
I was reluctant to come and was alone.
I got trashed pretty quick.
He helped me with the keg stand.
And introduced himself as "J Bone"

He had a cool car and always could get booze
Didn't even need a fake I.D.
Yet he always commented on how I dressed
And his dad always seemed to be judging me.

I dated Jesus for awhile my junior year
He turned out to be kind of a jerk
He was totally obsessed with his hair
And no ambition for work

His letterman jacket was embroidered "JC"
And he drove the coolest car around town.
Head of 4H and the student body
And he could hover a few feet off the ground

Then a few months went by, he just stopped with the calls
He just texted me hi now and then
Found out he hooked up with that fucking bitch Christy
And I never saw his all mighty ass again

Track Name: Walls Are Amazing
I take my pants off and I shit in a pot
As a dentist drills away next door
If this wall wasn't separating this spot,
I'd be shittin' on the dentist room floor.

Walls are Amazing
Put a wall up and you have a new thing.
Walls are Amazing.
Put a wall up and you have a new thing.
It's a brand new world filled with colors and shapes
Walls are better than drapes.

There is no telling of just what you will find
Different lives in different settings
I hate windows cus they let you see inside
Let you see me doing things with this sheep.


Yeah I'm goin' & I'm goin' & I'm gonna build this wall.
Yeah I'm goin' & I'm goin' & I'm gonna build this wall.

You don't know what I say & do,
There's a wall between me. There's a wall between you.
You don't know what I say & do,
There's a wall between me. There's a wall between you.
You don't know what I say & do,
There's a wall between me. There's a wall between you.
And even next door, they can't hear me too
There's a wall between me, a wall between you.

Track Name: Jar Of Coins
It's always the same old story
I've read it a thousand times before
Boys and girls they fall in love
Why is that boy and girl not us?
I may not have much money
But I have got this jar of coins just for you
You're pulling out a penny
But my heart is like a nickel.

You can always find somebody
But I don't want anyone except you
One look and the passion soars.
24 wild white boars have got me floored. It's true.
Now I'm in my final daydream
I can't go on. I long to be one, not two.

(Wanna get with you)
You know that I love you.
(Wanna get with you)

I see you on the side of the street and
I only think that we are there waving hands
But the crowd has made you lose your way
I have so much I wanna say.
There is not a single wish I
Wouldn't ask a genie for more than you
I rub my lamp a thousand times
I wanna be with you girl.


(Wanna get with you)
I need you.
(Wanna get with you)
(Wanna get with you)